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School Revenue Partners helps place your company message in front of your local community and potential customers by enabling your sponsor your local school districts in a variety of different ways.


Brand your company as a supporter of the local community and a partner of your local schools. There isn't a better way to show the families of the community that you care than supporting the school district. As a sponsor, this is the most direct way to reach local families and teachers that surround your business.


We have a several different options available to fit your needs. Our graphics team can design any artwork, and assist you by creating a compelling message to help your business grow. Your ad placement can be changed as your promotions, products, or services change.  Every school district is different, so there are different positions available that can fit your company needs.


Deliver your local customers the deals they want, support your local school district and community, and grow your business.


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Reach the parents, teachers, grandparents, and other community members surrounding your business.


You can sponsor your local school districts website by securing a digital banner to promote your businesses products and services directly to your community.  You gain valuable exposure to new local customers, while at the same time supporting your local schools and community!

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Many school districts send weekly communications directly to the inbox of parents, teachers, and other community member subscribers.


Your business can choose to sponsor these highly read and sought after communications and reach the email inboxes of your community!  You can promote your discounts, deals, specials, and general service or product offerings.  This is a great way to communicate directly with your community, gain new customers, and support local schools.

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Utilize cutting edge technology to deliver your company message to your local customers at the right time, when they have shown an interest or intent in your products and services.


Identify potential customers who have visited your website, searched for something related to what you do, read articles online relevant to your industry, or live or visited a specific geographic area.  After identifying the customers you can then show your message to them as they surf the web or engage on social media!


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Your school district application can go from being a cost to an investment by allowing sponsorships to reside within your district app.


From cutting edge beacon enablement of your app, to simple graphical display sponsorship positions, there are a number of ways that you can begin to realize real revenue from the investment that your district has made.



Your athletic programs have the ability to generate additional revenue for your district.  SRP will help you find sponsors to help raise revenue for your athletics department.


Stadium sponsorships, scoreboard sponsorships, and other special events are all possibilities for your district.  We will coordinate the sales efforts so you can begin earning sponsorship dollars for your athletic programs.

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