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Founded in 2011 under the name News for My School, an idea was born.  We believed there was a way to raise revenue for schools, grow local business, and help local families save money.


The School Revenue Partners employee family values just that, family. With deep roots in education; from parents, grandparents, spouses, and children, we have a passion for enabling schools nationwide to provide a better experience for everyone involved.


School Revenue Partners is a digital media sponsorship procurement company, and we love what we do.  It is who we are.  We love having a place where life, work, and inspiration come together naturally.  Our goal is to create unique revenue generation solutions that are visually stunning, conceptually interesting, and provide our clients with a high level of success.




The SRP executive leadership team has 30 years of experience in digital media, previously leading large sales divisions for major digital publishing companies. We currently work with school districts and educational based specialty trade associations around the country to raise much needed revenue from sponsors.


Our dedicated sales team has on average over 5 years of experience in digital media, and are experts in ensuring that sponsors, school districts, and parents have a great experience.  Our creative team is best in class, with many years developing compelling graphics to deliver high conversions for sponsors.


Our goal is to raise district revenue, increase community member engagement, and give local businesses a chance to gain local customers.


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